Expired Construction Lien Removal  – Promotional Pricing     

It’s summer in Toronto and home renovation season is in full swing.

More often than one might expect, these renovations end up in disputes with a contractor throwing around that dreaded term – construction lien.

If you fail to resolve a dispute with your contractor, he or she may file a construction lien on your property.  A construction lien can prevent you from selling or mortgaging your house in the future and usually is not removed until the dispute is resolved, the contractor is paid, or it is ordered removed by a Judge.

Sometimes contractors register a construction lien and then lose interest in pursuing the construction lien litigation in court. However, the lien still remains registered on the title to your property, like a blemish on your title that just doesn’t go away.

Existence of a construction lien puts a borrower in default of the terms of their mortgage with the bank.  This can adversely impact the interest rate offered to you on renewal of the loan.

If it has been over two years since a construction lien under $100,000.00 has been filed on title to your residential home and you wish to have it removed, please call us immediately.  We are offering a promotional Expired Lien Removal service for $1,275.00 + HST, including all court appearances.

At Kesarwani Law Office, we can vacate these expired liens by obtaining the necessary Judge’s Order quickly and efficiently so you can move on with your life and enjoy your home renovations stress free.

Call us today or click HERE to email us now and remove your expired construction lien.


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